Author: Bob

Playing with SQL Server 2005

I recently setup a SQL server, running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition. Installation was smooth, with a prettier interface than SQL 2000. The disk space requirement was a bit high, but not unreasonable.

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Installing Vista Beta 2 in VMware

Like many other developers, I wanted a chance to play with Windows Vista Beta 2. So I downloaded the whopping 3.2 GB DVD image (in twelve minutes). Since I don't have a spare machine powerful enough to handle it, I decided to install Vista in a VMware virtual machine. This was, to say the least, not a clean and pleasant experience.

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IPEdit DHCP Service


IPEdit is a web-based tool for configuring DHCP, DNS, and firewall filters for a local area network. Based on Matt Campbell's project, this implementation is written entirely in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database. Running as a service, it is capable of configuring the ISC DHCP server, a DNS masquerade server, and Shorewall (iptables). Authentication can be handled through either Active Directory or MySQL.

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Active Directory and Linux

I maintain several client and server machines that, up until recently, all authenticated users locally. I wanted a more centralized mechanism that could handle the various users and systems on the network. The big catch is that a few key system run Linux while others run Windows. So after doing some research, I turned to Active Directory.

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.NET Rocks!

I recently had the impossible task of making one of my applications work on OS X. The school uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to house its huge volumes of data. The server is integrated with Active Directory to allow for trusted connections. This means that when a client connects to the server, they need only to authenticate locally in the domain. This makes password and privilege maintenance much easier.

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