Tag: Gentoo

Linux on ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Gen

I recently upgraded my 3rd Gen X1 Carbon to a 7th Gen model. I decided to document my experience in the hopes of it being useful to someone in the future. The Arch wiki has a good starting reference. I'll also try to keep the Gentoo wiki updated.

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DoD Common Access Card on Linux

There are times when I need to use my Common Access Card at home. Being a Linux user, I figured this would be challenging to configure. It took a few hours of trying different packages and directions, but I finally have it working. Considering the process isn't entirely straightforward, I thought it'd be good to document the steps here.

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HOW TO: Samba as an AD Domain Member

There are probably a million and one articles about how to make Samba 3 an Active Directory domain member. But with all of that, this process still seems to require hours of research. So I've decided to compile my latest experiences here.

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