Tag: Open Source

FUSE Extension for PHP

Well, it's official... I'm a geek. A few weeks ago I started writing an extension for the PHP runtime that provides bindings to libfuse. Back up a few months— I wrote a PHP script to screen-scrape the Trac web interface and allow me to grab source code to a project I'm working on.

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CLAWS Lives!

Well I finally did it. Last summer I set out to build and run CLAWS in my own environment. I was able to get parts of it running, but there were a few problems I was stuck on. I haven't had much time to work on it since then, but over spring break I managed to get everything built and installed.

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RIT Grows Some CLAWS

Managing thousands of user accounts in a heterogeneous computing environment can be a nightmare. Then throw in the need to manage user identities and network access to over forty-thousand network devices. What is a systems administrator to do? Enter CLAWS, RIT's new open-source enterprise account, identity, and computer management tool.

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IPEdit DHCP Service


IPEdit is a web-based tool for configuring DHCP, DNS, and firewall filters for a local area network. Based on Matt Campbell's project, this implementation is written entirely in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database. Running as a service, it is capable of configuring the ISC DHCP server, a DNS masquerade server, and Shorewall (iptables). Authentication can be handled through either Active Directory or MySQL.

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