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TracFS is a mountable POSIX virtual file system that allows you to read a Subversion repository through the Trac web interface. Why is this useful? It's not... unless you can't access the repository directly, but can see the files in the source browser. Using rsync (or a similar tool), you can maintain a local copy of the repository contents.

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FUSE Extension for PHP

Well, it's official... I'm a geek. A few weeks ago I started writing an extension for the PHP runtime that provides bindings to libfuse. Back up a few months— I wrote a PHP script to screen-scrape the Trac web interface and allow me to grab source code to a project I'm working on.

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IPEdit DHCP Service


IPEdit is a web-based tool for configuring DHCP, DNS, and firewall filters for a local area network. Based on Matt Campbell's project, this implementation is written entirely in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database. Running as a service, it is capable of configuring the ISC DHCP server, a DNS masquerade server, and Shorewall (iptables). Authentication can be handled through either Active Directory or MySQL.

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