Tag: Win32

Remove Tabs From the Windows Taskbar

I'm very picky about my desktop environment. I like windows, toolbars, icons, etc. to be arranged in a certain way. Typically, I turn off annoying prompts and nag screens in Windows, and unhide "scary" advanced options in OS X. One hard-to-fix pet peeve is when applications put an icon in the notification area (near the clock) AND leave a tab in the taskbar. This wastes valuable taskbar real estate.

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Dipping Duck

So I was trying to read a document on my computer at work today, while making notes on a piece of paper. But every five minutes the screensaver would activate, causing me to stop writing, type my password, and find my place in the document again. Needless to say it was quite annoying.

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Custom Draw ListView with Double Buffering

For one of my pet projects, I needed to add a graphic to certain ListView rows. I considered owner-drawing the control, but that seemed messy. What I really wanted was a way to draw on top of whatever Windows painted. I couldn't find a nifty .NET way to do this, so remembering a technique from the MFC days, I decided to custom draw the ListView. This would let me inject my own drawing code and let Windows handle the rest. Perfect!

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